1. Data protection notification

As a service provider, we are responsible for our own contents on these pages in accordance with Germany’s § 7 para.1 TMG and with generally applicable legislation. Further to §§ 8 to 10 TMG we are not however obliged as a service provider to monitor transmitted or saved third-party information nor to conduct research into circumstantial matters that may point to unlawful activity. This does not affect obligations to remove or to prohibit the use of information in accordance with general legislation. However, no liability in respect of this is possible prior to awareness of a specific legal infringement. Whenever we do become aware of legal infringements of this nature, we shall remove those contents with immediate effect.

2. Liability note

2.1. Liability for links

Our offering contains links to the external websites of third parties and we have no influence over the contents of these websites. We are therefore unable to provide any assurance in regard to this third-party content. Responsibility for the contents of linked web pages is always in the hands of the relevant provider or operator of those web pages. At the time we established a link to these web pages, they were checked to ensure that they contained no legal infringements. At that specific point in time, no unlawful content was detected on these links. However, in the absence of specific reasons for suspecting the presence of a legal infringement, it would not be viable to monitor all content on a continuous basis. However, as soon as any legal infringements are brought to our attention, we remove links to affected web content immediately.

2.2. Logos, brands and trademarks

All logos, brands and trademarks are a property of your respective owners. In the contents of this web offer, brands and business names are used; even if these are not marked as those, the suitable protective regulations are valid.

3. Cookies

Our websites use so-called cookies at several places. Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your computer and which your browser saves. They help to make our offer more user-friendly, effective and reliable. In addition, cookies allow our systems to identify your browser and offer you services. Cookies do no contain any personal data.

4. Copyright

The contents and documents produced by the page operator on these pages are subject to German copyright legislation. Contributions from third parties are identified as such. The reproduction, editing, dissemination and every kind of use extending beyond the limits of copyright protection require the prior written consent of the respective author and/or originator. Downloads and copies of this page are only permitted for private use, not for commercial use.

The operators of pages endeavour at all times to respect the copyright protection of other parties and/or to revert to documents produced by themselves and to documents that do not require licence approval.

5. Data protection

To the extent that our pages capture personal data (e.g. names, addresses or e-mail addresses), this is wherever possible always accomplished on a voluntary basis. The use of offers and services should, wherever possible, be accomplished without the need to divulge personal data.

We draw your attention to the fact that data transmission over the internet (e.g. as with communication by e-mail) can encounter security vulnerability. It is not possible to provide seamless protection of personal data against access by third parties.

Use by third parties of the contact details published in accordance with legal obligations to disseminate unsolicited promotional and information materials is expressly prohibited. The operators of these pages reserve the right to take legal steps in the event of any unsolicited sending out of promotional information, e.g. spam e-mail.

Analysis service:

6. Public-Domain Procedures Directory

The German Data Protection Agency (BDSG) stipulates in §4g that the Data Protection Officer is obliged to make the following details available to everyone, in accordance with §4e. We therefore comply with this requirement and this dispenses with the need for you to submit a written application in this regard.

6.1. Name and address of the responsible entity

LANTECH Communications Europe GmbH

Philipp-Kachel-Str. 42a
63911 Klingenberg am Main

Phone: +49 9372-50959-97
E-Mail: sales@lantechcom.eu

6.2. Website owner

Mr. Günter Meixner

6.3. Determining the purpose of data capture, processing or usage

LANTECH Communications Europe GmbH is a company whose purpose is to acquire, retain and sell holdings to other companies in Germany and in other countries that are primarily involved in the usage of digital media, and in particular in the commercial trading of hardware and software products as well as similar products, who deliver service-related products associated with information technology and who develop and sell software and economically tradable rights; the management of these companies, the rental and leasing of real estate, equipment items and logistics services as well as other business-related services; the obtaining of capital for affiliated companies and all activities associated with the raising of capital; the brokering of national and international business contacts. Data capture, data processing and data usage are different ways of exercising the aforementioned business purposes.

6.4. Description of affected groups of people and related data and data categories

In all cases, only data required for business purposes is captured. In detailed terms, the following items of data are captured, processed at used by end customers:

Gender details – Mr/Ms
First name
Postal address (for billing and delivery)
Telephone number
Fax number (optional)
Mobile number (optional)
E-mail (optional)
Credit card details when a credit card is stipulated as the form of payment
Object of purchase
Incoming payments
Details of deliveries and returns
Employee details as well as supplier details, to the extent required to satisfy the purposes named in 6.3.

6.5. Recipient or categories of recipient whose data can be communicated

Public-sector bodies in cases where legal stipulations take precedence, external contractors in accordance with §11 BDSG as well as external bodies and internal departments of LANTECH Communications Europe GmbH to fulfil the purposes named in 6.3.

6.6. Legally defined deadlines for the deletion of data

The legislator has passed a diverse range of archiving stipulations and periods of time. On expiry of these deadlines, the corresponding data is deleted providing that it is no longer needed for contractual fulfilment purposes or for business purposes, nor still required to comply with legislative requirements.

6.7. Scheduled transmission of data to third countries

At the present time, there are no plans to disseminate data to third countries. Also, in all other respects, the corresponding legislative requirements defined in the currently valid version of Germany’s Data Protection Act (BDSG) are duly met and complied with. Dissemination to third countries is possible in accordance with the purposes defined in Point 6.3, provided that this involves a legally compliant transfer of data to enable the named purposes to be exercised. Naturally, the agreements associated with the processing of order details as defined in §11, §4b or §4c of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) in its current form are complied with in a manner appropriate with defined purposes, and the same is true of other currently applicable legislative requirements.

This will also apply to the application of the purposes mentioned under point 6.5.