The most dynamic and challenging part for factory automation floor network is redundancy and real-time. Factory automation needs to be absolutely accurate because any interruption or delay could result in huge amount of lost, especially when the operation is non-stop, 7/24/365. On the other hand, to satisfy the rapid changing industry environment, manufacturing process must have high flexibility than before.

Conveyor System

The mechanical handling equipment moves materials from one location to another, especially useful for the transportation of heavy or bulky materials. It’s quick, efficient, and popular in the material handling and packaging industries.

Robotic Arm

The programmable robot manipulator is designed to perform any desired task such as welding, gripping, spinning etc., depending on the application. The robot arm in automotive assembly lines performs a variety of tasks with great accuracy.

Our Solution

In factory automation applications, the most common structure consists of PLC, DCS, and SCADA. Based on IP protocol, managers are able to control equipments and transmit data to SCADA, where connects with database and then generate statistic data for monitoring the operating status. Lantech’s Pro-Ring system provides the reliable Ethernet network among these devices and software with the fastest recovery time if failure. As the equipments are all utilizing IP protocol and connect to the Ethernet, it’s easier to integrate and change configuration through Internet.

Due to the requirement of absolute accurate data transmission, there is a huge need for real time protocols in factory automation applications, including ProfiNet by Siemens, EthernetIP by Rockwell, and ModBUS by Schneider. The real time protocols were developed by the need of PLC’s connecting with robotic arms, conveyor belts and other automation devices for factory automation. This created the need for switches to be compatible with real time protocols. By collocating with Ethernet switches, managers are able to monitor the status, detect the failure, and solve the problem immediately.