Long distance transmission between wind turbines with stable and no data loss is one of the major requirements in a wind power park. Doing maintenance without interrupting network connection is not easy, on the other hand. Harsh environment requires hardened network devices to overcome wide temperature range and strong vibration caused by wind as well as electrical interference.

Wind turbine tower

The control box, which is at the top of each wind turbine tower, comprises a PLC, power inverter, control board, and I/O device. There’re sensors which collect wind speed, wind direction, shaft rotation speed, and numerous other factors and then transfer data to the PLC.

Our Solution

Lantech provides a complete Ethernet solution with IES-2307C, the managed industrial switch, and IFR-0202, the universal redundant fiber controllers. The wind turbines are connected with each other via optical fibers, providing the long distance transmission with stable quality. Several wind turbine towers are connected in a ring topology, where Lantech Pro-ring system provides the fastest redundant protection to prevent network interruption. Integrated with unique universal redundant fiber controllers, the fiber ring will be more reliable when facing multiple switches’ power off. As for maintenance, it will be able to maintain one switch and keep the connection active.

All Lantech industrial products are passed several tests such as shock, vibration and free fall and meet industrial EMI and EMC standards. The IP30 case and industrial grade components help to overcome the harsh operating environment in the wind power park