The current conventional train communication networks (TCN) are facing several challenges to improve the service including the limitation of bandwidth and integration. The devices in railway systems often operate in a narrow and harsh environment with unique requirements. For example, severe air pollution, vibration, shock and EMC are commonly seen.

Entertainment System

To interact with passengers fluently, the entertainment system requires Ethernet network with high performances. Switches which support IGMP protocol are able to satisfy the requirement with the multicast ability.

Digital Display

Connected with the control center, the digital display is able to show the news and passenger information immediately.

Wireless Service

Rail train provides Wi-Fi hotspot for passengers to connect on the Internet, even during the high speed moving status.

Our Solution

Railway transportation has been becoming major trend for eco-friendly and highly efficient transportation way, the major challenges are security and control management. Train Communication Networks consist of four elements- Security, Information, Control and Passenger communications, in which every part is essential to make train cruise safe and sound. Vibration, EMI/RFI, pollutants, input voltage ripple and surge are the issues often found in the rail train network.

The EN50155 standard, which is “Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock”, is commonly adopted by many countries and electronics manufacturers. Electronic equipment shall be designed and manufactured to meet the full performance specification requirement for the selected categories such as ambient temperature, shock and vibration, relative humidity, atmospheric pollutants, electrical service conditions, etc. Lantech provides a series of models which is fully compliant with EN50155 standard.