With a long background in IP Ethernet products, Lantech brings the best network solutions for Industrial and IP networks to the marketplace. The Lantech group is devoted to providing feature rich, high-quality networking solutions with outstanding service and support to our world-wide partners. Lantech’s core competency is centered around our network software and hardware, which allows for the seamless delivery of a variety of applications and services in diverse network environments.

Lantech is committed to providing our partners with the products, service and support necessary to help promote our brand in the marketplace. Lantech offers a complete family of commercial and industrial grade networking products in support of the global transition to all Ethernet services. Lantech products and solutions provide for the delivery of universal Ethernet services across various markets and applications including:

  • Rail Train System
  • Building Automation
  • Factory Automation
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Bus Network
  • Tunnel Traffic Monitoring
  • Wind Power Monitoring
  • Power-Substation
  • Offshore Platform
  • Cruise Liner
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • ISP Infrastructure
  • Surveillance

Lantech products are distributed worldwide. We provide high quality products with customer-centered services from our sales offices located in Taiwan, United States, Germany, and Korea. By combining our outstanding products and services with knowledgeable and respected channel partners, Lantech is able to provide a significant price-performance value to any Industrial or IP network.

Lantech products are successfully transporting Ethernet services around the globe, including networks at The Taiwan Post Office, In-store Broadcasting Networks, Stanford University, CNN, Universität Würzburg (The University of Wurzburg), Korea U-city FTTX, Korea’s Subway System, Thailand’s Subway System, Japan’s High-speed Railway and Israel’s wireless backhaul network.