The current conventional train communication networks (TCN) are facing several challenges to improve the service including the limitation of bandwidth and integration. The devices in railway systems often operate in a narrow and harsh environment with unique requirements. For example, severe air pollution, vibration, shock and EMC are commonly seen.

Triple play

It is a marketing term for the provisioning of two bandwidth-intensive services, high-speed Internet access and television, and a less bandwidth-demanding service, telephone, over a single broadband connection. Although voice service requires less bandwidth, it is more latency-sensitive due to real time communications.

Our Solution

With Lantech’s high density fiber gigabit or 100M aggregation switches, it is easy to build up a backbone network for ISP demand. The bandwidth-intensive services such as internet access and video can be transmitted fluently. Fiber connection allows long distance data transmission up to 120km, making remote management more easily.

IGMP, which is a universal network protocol, helps to reduce network traffic and provides good network quality for triple play usage. The power input range is another issue when installing ISP infrastructure since most of the power supply is restricted to 48VDC in ISP infrastructure environment. To solve the problem, Lantech industrial switches provide wide range redundant power inputs, which make Lantech products the best choice for ISP applications