Water treatment process is essential for modern life to make water more acceptable and eliminating bad residues existing in many public sanitation systems then to return water back into natural environment without ecological impacts for the use of drinking water, industrial process, medical, hotel process and others.

Sedimentation tank

It is the final step in the secondary treatment stage, which is the most representational structure of a water treatment plant. Through a secondary clarifier, the biological floc or filter material is settled out. After this step, sewage water containing low levels of organic material and suspended matter is produced.

Our Solution

Using the industrial Ethernet network is the most convenient and reliable solution for water treatment system to connect with SCADA, PLC, water sensors, water bumps etc. Since the water treatment plant might cover huge floor space, the long transmission distance becomes one of the major considerations.

By utilizing Lantech’s Pro-Ring system, the connection quality is protected under this fast redundant ring protocol, which is less than 10ms. Subject to different areas connection such as drainage well and leveraged wells, the switches could connect with aerator RTU, sludge removal RTU, or primary clarifier RTU, etc and protect all by Pro-Ring scheme. Via Lantech products, the whole network system is able to be monitored from control room remotely.