8 10/100TX + 2 1000FX w/ 8 PoE at/af Industrial Unmanaged Switch

  • EN50155 verification / E-Mark certificate
  • Provides M12 connector with IP67 / 54 rated protection
  • IEEE802.3at/af up to 30W PoE output
  • 12V power input boost to 54V output
  • Optional 72V/110V input steps down to 54V output for IEEE 802.3at/af max.80W
  • Wide Operating Temperature from -40°C to 75°C (IP67 model)
  • Wide range dual power inputs

Lantech IPES-0208GF (IP67/IP54) is an 8 10/100 Base-TX+2 GigaFX w/8 PoE at/af injectors with M12-connctor unmanaged industrial switch for IP67 or IP54 rated protection, which meets the high reliability requirements demanded by industrial rolling stock applications.

The IPES-0208GF (IP67/IP54) supports IEEE802.3at/af standard which can feed HI-power up to 30W at each PoE port for big power consumption devices like PTZ IP camera, High power wireless AP etc. The IPES-0208GF is able to take 12/24V input and boost to 54V output for PoE feeding in vehicle use with IEEE802.3at/af standard up to 30W per PoE port with maximum 70W output. 72V/110V input model can feed 48V PoE at max 80W.

The IPES-0208GF (IP67/IP54) is designed to meet with critical network environment with IP67/IP54 enclosure and M12 connectors for protection against dust and water. IP67 model can be immersed 1 meter under water for 30 minutes long, so it is the best to place in the highly damp and moisture area in the train, vehicle or rail-side. Both have passed harsh environmental testing to comply with Industrial EMI and Safety standards as well as stability testing such as Free fall, Shock, and vibration. For a greater flexibility in application the IPES-0208GF (IP67/IP54) supports an extended operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C.

The wide range dual power input from 9.5V~56V fits with most of train/vehicle usage. The 72V model offers dual power supply that can be powered from 50.4V to 90VDC while 110V model provides dual 43V to 137.5V inputs.

With EN45545-2 Fire & Smoke, EN50155 verification and E-mark certification, the IPES-0208GF (IP67/IP54) is best for railway and vehicle applications.

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