Industrial Multifunction VPN Router w/up to 2x WiFi 11ac + up to 2 LTE 4G + 2 serial ports + 6 Gigabit Ethernet Switch(incl. 4 PoE) w/ Load Balancing**, TWCC**, VPN, Protocol Gateway, Storage**; 24V input

  • Up to 2 concurrent WIFI 11ac and redundancy(1L-2AC model)
  • Up to 2 concurrent mobility for 3G/4G LTE Link&GPS(2L-1AC model/4 SIMs)
  • Built-in 6 Gigabit Ethernet switch including4 PoE at/af w/budget 80W
  • Dual radio for 802.11ac/a/b/g/n with concurrent 5GHz & 5GHz bands up to 2.6Gbps Wi-Fi bandwidth(2AC model)
  • WIFI radio for 802.11ac/a/b/g/n with 5GHz or 2.4GHz
  • Support WIFI 802.11e traffic prioritization and WMM
  • MIMO technology 3T3R up to 6 antenna(2AC); SMA type external antenna
  • Fast roaming**, 802.11r standard
  • Supports AP/ BRIDGE/Client modes
  • Air-teaming** for WIFI high-sustainability and aggregated bandwidth
  • Advanced wireless security WEP64/128bits/ WPA/ WPA-PSK (TKIP*,AES)/ WPA2/ WPA2-PSK (TKIP*,AES)
  • Optional TWCC** (Train Wireless Carriage Coupling)for auto wireless coupling
  • VPN router for Multi-site VPN, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP**, L2 over GRE
  • Load Balancing** support 8 mechanism
  • Optional EMMC Flash storage on-board**
  • Support NAT and Firewall
  • Support Modbus gateway on serial ports
  • Support 2 RS422/485 ports with 2.5KV isolation or 2x RS232 ports
  • Input voltage selection 9~56VDC (24V model)
  • Environmental monitoring for router inside info with voltage, current, temperature and total PoE load; WIFI & LTE graphic signal strength & TX/RX rate display
  • Editable login page of captive portal for hot-spot application
  • USB port to backup, restore the configuration file and upgrade firmware*; Dual image firmware*


Lantech IPWMR-3006 series is a next generation industrial multi-function VPN router w/up to 2x 802.3ac WiFi + up to 2x LTE modem + + 6x Gigabit Ethernet switch incl. 4 PoE ports + 2 serial ports that supports advanced function of VPN, Load-balancing**(Basic & Full package), TWCC**, Protocol gateway(Modbus), EMMC Flash Storage**, WiFi roaming** and LTE quad SIM fail-over for industrial applications. The dual core CPU with 1.6GHz + 256M flash enables the router to multi-task smoothly.

Optional TWCC** (Train Wireless Carriage Coupling) for auto coupling

IPWMR-3006 supports series supports optional TWCC** (Train Wireless Carriage Coupling) that enables auto wireless coupling to reconnect APs.

Dual concurrent LTE design 4G/3G for load-balancing
With dual LTE module design (2L model), 4 SIM card slots, TMR-5002 can allow auto-swap, failover & failback between multiple service providers for real non-stop connection. With concurrent LTE modules, it can also allocate bandwidth by “ Load Balancing** with 8 schemes between multiple WANs.

With one mobile LTE module (1L model), 2 SIM card slots, IPWMR-3006 provides redundant link between two service providers.

IEEE 802.11ac dual band radio up to 2.6Gbps bandwidth
With IEEE 802.11ac capability, IPWMR-3006 can operate either 5GHz or 2.4GHz bands, offering the maximum speed of 2.6Gbps bandwidth (1.3Gbps per 1AC). It is also compatible with 802.11g/n that can work with 2.4GHz for longer range transmission.

The WiFi 11ac supports AP/BRIDGE/AP Client modes can be diverse for most of wireless application. Working with load-balancing** “Priority” mode, the AP client can enable router to transmit on WiFi with first priority.

Air-teaming** for wireless high-sustainability and aggregated
The innovative Air-teaming** can combines multiple wireless links to achieve both high-sustainability and aggregated bandwidth. High sustainability can keep the network traffic alive even one link is down or severely interfered. Aggregated bandwidth can bind two link channels to provide the maximum throughput.

MIMO technology with 3T3R and SMA type connectors
Lantech IPWMR-3006 series adapts MIMO technology with smart antenna transmission and reception for 3T3R. With six external detachable omni connectors and optional antennas, IPWMR-3006 can have better Wi-Fi & LTE/GPS coverage.

802.11r fast roaming **
IPWMR-3006 support fast roaming** (optional) in coordination with Lantech Wireless Controller to allow encryption keys to be stored on all of the APs in a network.

Client mode supports PMK** Caching and pre-authentication.

Wireless WMM QoS
IPWMR-3006 supports 802.11e standard which defines a set of Quality of Service for wireless LAN applications as well as WMM (WIFI multimedia)

Advanced security & 16 SSIDs
The security support standards including 64/128bits WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK (TKIP*, AES), 802.1x** ensures the best security and active defense against security treads. Lantech IPWMR-3006 support up to 16 SSIDs, each SSID has its independent security and encryption.

Load Balancing** with 8 mechanisms for multi-WANs (premium license)
IPWMR-3006 supports Load Balancing** for LTE/WAN connections. There are eight schemes for Load Balancing** function:

Pack Algorithm Description
Standard Fixed Manually route by traffic type through fixed WAN link.
Basic Package Failover Routes connections through preferred WAN link while others stand-by. Sequentially activate another link if preferred link fail occurs. Once failover will not failback until link loss.
Priority Routes connections through preferred WAN link as primary while others follow by. Ex. Wi-Fi  client>LTE>others
Weighted Round-Robin Evenly distribute the traffic over all working WAN links in circular order according to the specified weights.
Custom Route Routing through the selected WAN for each specific traffic, ex: TCP/UDP port number and IP address.
Full Package (incl. basic package) Sticky Session* Binding all connections in an application session to particular WAN link to ensure all connections in the session are routed to the same WAN link , that is suitable for security services like online payment etc.
Smallest Load* Routes connections through the WAN link with highest free bandwidth ratio.
The ratio = 1 – (traffic load / the capability of a WAN link).
The traffic load could be defined by downstream, upstream or total traffic
Fastest* Routes connections through the WAN link with lowest latency time.

2 port serial connection, Modbus gateway
It builds in 2 port serial connection for RS232, RS422, 485 in which RS422/485 has 2.5KV isolation protection.

The built-in Modbus gateway can convert Modbus RTU/ASCII to Modbus TCP for device control.

Optional EMMC Flash storage**
The optional EMMC flash storage on router can offer 8G/16G/32G capacity.

VPN and firewall
Besides traditional VPN peer to peer tunneling, IPWMR-3006 support latest Multi-Site VPN function that is an efficient way for mesh tunneling. The registration is under cloud service and encrypted by SSH makes the connection easy and safe.

It supports Multi-Site VPN, Open VPN, L2TP, IPsec L2 over GRE, NAT, and PPTP** for various VPN applications.

The built-in Layer-4 firewall includes DoS**, IP address filter / Mac address filter* / TCP/UDP port number.

DIDO for alarm & email** notice; Event log; Remote Web/SMS** control
2 sets of DIDO function can support additional high/low physical contact for designate applications besides Port / Power events, for example, DIDO function can trigger alarm if the router was moved or stolen. In case of events, the IPWMR-3006 will immediately send email** and trap.

When the router is at remote area with limited access, Web/SMS** control can help to get router status or remotely reboot by Web/SMS**.

Wide range input voltage from 9V-56VDC; Built-in 6 port PoE at/af switch with 80W budget
The IPWMR-3006 is able to work from 9VDC to 56VDC for PoE at/af with PoE budget 80W@12V /80W@24V&48V that is particular good for vehicle, rail train, depot etc. application.

Environmental monitoring for inside router info& alerting; Graphic WIFI & LTE signal strength and TX/RX rate display
The built-in environmental monitoring can detect router ambient temperature, voltage, current and total PoE load where can send the syslog, email** and SMS** alert when abnormal.

USB port for back up, restore configuration and upgrade firmware*; Dual image firmware*
The built-in USB port can upload/download the firmware through USB dongle for router replacement

It supports dual-image firmware* to choose which one to start.

Dual image firmware*
It supports dual-image firmware* to choose which one to start.

Editable login page of captive portal
The IPWMR-3006 supports editable captive portal function that allows administrator to force end-users redirect to authentication page.

Ruggedized industrial design and FCC*,CE*& E-marking** certificate
The IPWMR-3006 is designed to meet with industrial network environment with IP 30 housing. It passed tests under extensive Industrial EMI and environmental vibration and shocks standards.

With CE & FCC radio certification for WIFI and LTE and E-marking certificate, the IPWMR-3006 is best for outdoor community, vehicle, process control automation etc. For more usage flexibilities, IPWMR-3006 supports wide operating temperature from -20°C to 70°C & -40°C to 70°C(-E model)

Ignition Sensing
Ignition sense allows you to delay power off your Ethernet switch with a designated time delay.

Built-in Managed Switch Function
Managed switch function is built-in and provides various L2+ functions for network aggregation deployment. It delivers ports and PoE management, VLAN, QoS, multicast, redundant ring, and security functions.

*Future Release