Operating system for Lantech managed Ethernet switches

  •  Command authorization
  •  Secure Web GUI
  •  Dual flash images
  •  Multiple configuration files
  •  Complete session logging
  •  SNMPv1, v2c, and v3
  •  Inter-VLAN Routing
  •  Router-on-a-stick
  •  VRRP

Lantech Layer3 Lite Platform (for OS3/OS4) is a scalable & advanced operating system built with modularity, resiliency, and serviceability at its foundation. Based on the VLAN routing standard, Lantech Layer3 Lite Platform comes with a Web UI interface and a command-line interface (CLI) like that of Lantech’s previous platform. The self-healing design of Lantech Layer3 Lite Platform makes zero-impact operations a reality.

Focused on the requirements of the data center, Lantech OS3/OS4 Layer3 Lite Platform provides a robust and comprehensive features that fulfill the switching and storage networking needs of present communication networks. Lantech OS3/OS4 Layer3 Lite Platform offers reliability, innovation, and operational consistency. Lantech OS3/OS4 Layer3 Lite Platform is based on our OS3/OS4 platform and adds major features of OS Layer 3, it runs on the Lantech OS3/OS4-supported hardware-based network switches, which include Lantech L6000 and L5000 Series Switches.