5 10/100TX + 1 10/100/1000T X coded (w/5 PoE at/af) EN50155 Ethernet Switch

  •  IEEE802.3at/af up to 30W PoE output (PoE model)
  •  Dual power inputs 9~36V (24VI model) or 16.8~56V (24TVI model) with galvanic isolation between input power, PoE and Ethernet
  •  Wide Operating Temperature from -20°C ~70°C for Standard Model ; -40°C ~70°C for -E Model
  •  IP44 aluminum housing for best heat dissipation and preventing moist ingress
  •  E-mark certificate for the vehicle; ISO16750-2 P5A compliant
  •  Ignition function (24VI-IGN model)
  •  EN50155 certificate for Railway


Lantech T(P)ES-0105T is a 5 10/100 Base-TX + 1 10/100/1000 Base-T (with 5 ports 802.3at/af PoE ports) with M12 connectors unmanaged EN50155 Ethernet switch with IP44 rated protection which meets the high-reliability requirements demanded by industrial rolling stock applications.

Up to 5 PoE at/af ports and PoE galvanic isolation (PoE model)
Compliant with 802.3af/at standard, the PoE model is able to feed each PoE port up to 30 Watt at each PoE port for various IP PD devices. PoE galvanic isolation up to 1.5KVDC to provide power input to PoE Ethernet ports insulation prevents cabling and grounding incidents from damaging the Ethernet switch itself.

Dual 24V input with max PoE budget and Inrush current protection
The TPES-0105T accepts 9~36VDC (24VI model) dual input with galvanic isolation and PoE model can feed 54V output for PoE feeding with 55W budget. The inrush current on initial power up can be limited to lower than 10 x nominal current.

E-marking certificate, ISO 16750-2 compliant
The T(P)ES-0105T is designed to meet a critical network environment with IP44 enclosure and M12 connectors for protection against dust and water. It has passed harsh environmental testing to comply with Industrial EMI and Safety standards as well as stability testing such as Free fall, Shock, and vibration. Lantech T(P)ES-0105T can compliant with ISO 16750-2 P5A (12V system DC14V 87V/0.5Ω/400ms; 24V system DC28V 174V/2Ω/350ms) which protects the switch from being damaged by high voltage that could be found at vehicle cranky start. For greater flexibility in the application, the T(P)ES-0105T supports an extended operating temperature range from -20°C ~70°C for Standard Model. The E-marking certificate makes it the most suitable switch for bus, carriage, trams, and other vehicles application as well as for industrial areas where the power source is limited with 12V or 24V but has demand of IP surveillance or VoIP applications.

EN50155, EN45545-2; EN61373 compliance; High ESD protection
T(P)ES-0105T passed serious tests under extensive Industrial EMI and Safety standards. With EN45545-2 Fire & Smoke and EN50155 verification, the T(P)ES-0105T is the best switch for railway on-board/track side, vehicle, and mining applications.

*Future Release