EN50155 Multifunction VPN Router w/up to 2x WiFi 11ac + up to 2x LTE 4G + 8 10/100/1000T(PoE) + 2 1G/2.5G Fiber Uplink + 2 WAN/LAN Ethernet Switch; WVI input



Lantech TWMR-5208MGF is a next generation EN50155 multi-function VPN router w/up to 2x 802.11ac WiFi + up to 2x LTE modem + 2x 1G/2.5G Fiber Q-ODC Uplink + 2 Gigabit WAN/LAN ports + 8x Gigabit Ethernet that supports advanced function for on-board / onboard-to-ground applications. The dual core CPU with 1.6GHz + 256M flash enables the router to multi-task smoothly.

LTE modem 4G/3G with quad SIM fail-over
Built-in up to two LTE modem with 4 SIM card slots, the router can allow failover between two operators for resilient connection. Both GPS and Russian GLONASS systems are supported (may vary in models)

IEEE 802.11ac radio up to 1.3GMbps bandwidth
With IEEE 802.11ac capability, the router can operate either 5GHz or 2.4GHz bands, offering the maximum speed of 1.3GMbps bandwidth. It is also compatible with 802.11g/n that can work with 2.4GHz for longer range transmission.

The WiFi 11ac supports AP/Bridge/AP Client modes can be diverse for most of wireless application. Client mode supports PMK** Caching and pre-authentication. Working with load-balancing “Priority” mode, the AP client can enable router to transmit on WiFi with first priority.

Optional EMMC flash storage**
The optional EMMC flash storage on the router can offer 8G/16G/32G capacity.

Optional eSIM**
By replacing physical SIM, optional eSIM chip will allow users to purchase data plans at low prices from local carriers in the world.

MIMO technology with 3T3R and SMA/QMA** type connectors
The router adapts MIMO technology with smart antenna transmission and reception for 3T3R. With up to nine external detachable antenna connectors (SMA/QMA**) and optional antennas, it can have better Wi-Fi & LTE/GPS coverage.

Support AP/Bridge/Client mode, Mesh roaming
The router supports AP/Bridge/Client mode for different applications. It also supports client-base roaming to swap between the APs in a network. To learn more about the Lantech router software features, please refer to Lantech Router Software Datasheet

DIDO for alarm & email notice
2 sets of DIDO function can support additional high/low physical contact for designate applications besides Port / Power events, for example, DIDO function can trigger alarm if the router was moved or stolen. In case of events, the router will immediately send email and trap.

Up to 8 PoE at/af ports w/advanced PoE management and PoE galvanic isolation
Compliant with 802.3af/at standard, the PoE model is able to feed each PoE port up to 30 Watt at each PoE port for various IP PD devices. It supports advanced PoE management including PoE detection and scheduling. PoE detection can detect if the connected PD hangs then restart the PD; PoE scheduling is to allow pre-set power feeding schedule upon routine time table. Each PoE ports can be Enabled/disabled, get the voltage, current, Watt, and temperature info displayed on WebUI.

PoE galvanic isolation up to 1.5KVDC to provide power input to PoE Ethernet ports insulation prevents cabling and grounding incidents from damaging the Ethernet switch itself.

Wide range dual input voltage from 16.8-137.5V (WVI model)
The router is able to work from dual 16.8V ~137.5V DC input (WVI model) with Ethernet and PoE galvanic isolation and PoE model can feed 54V output for PoE feeding with 80W budget that is particular good for vehicle, rail train, and depot applications.

Built-in Managed Switch Function
Managed switch function is built-in and provides various L2+ functions for network aggregation deployment. It delivers ports management, VLAN, QoS, multicast, redundant ring, and security functions. To learn more about the Lantech router software features, please refer to Lantech Router Software Datasheet

Ruggedized EN50155 design and FCC/CE
The router is verified with EN50155, IEC61373, EN45545 standard with IP67/54 housing. It passed serious tests under extensive Industrial EMI and environmental vibration and shocks standards. With CE & FCC radio certification for WiFi and LTE, it is best for outdoor community, vehicle, power substation, process control automation etc. For more usage flexibilities, it supports operating temperature from -40°C to 65°C

Enhanced cybersecurity features with IEC 62443-4-1 certification
To ensure the safety and reliability of communication networks, Lantech develops our products under strict international security standard and is certified with IEC 62443-4-1 network security standard. To learn more about Lantech cybersecurity software solution, please refer to Lantech Router Software Datasheet

*Future Release