Industrial 10/100TX Switch with PoE 802.3at/af up to 30W

  •  EN50155/50121-3-2/50121-4 and EN45545-2 R13/R22/R23/R24/R25 Fire & Smoke verification
  •  Provides M12 connector with IP41/IP54 rated protection
  •  IEEE802.3at/af up to 30W PoE output
  •  12V power inp ut boost to 54V output (12V model)
  •  72V input steps down to 54V outpu t for IEEE 802.3at/af max.80W (72V model)
  •  Extends Power over Ethernet installations beyond 100 Meters
  •  Wide Operating Temperature from -40°C to 75°C
  •  Wide range redundant power inputs


Lantech IPES-0101T (IP41/IP54) is an 1 10/100 Base-TX + 1 10/100 Base-TX PoE switch with M12-connctor for IP41/IP54 rated protection, which meets the high reliability requirements demanded by industrial rolling stock applications.

The IPES-0101T (IP54/IP41) supports IEEE802.3at/af standard which can feed HI-power up to 30W for big power consumption devices like PTZ IP camera, High power wireless AP etc. The IPES-0101T-12V is able to take 12V input and boost to 54V output for PoE feeding in vehicle use with IEEE802.3at/af standard up to 30W per PoE port. 72V model accepts 72V input and can step down to 54V with IEEE802.3at/af standard up to 30W per PoE port.

The IPES-0101T (IP41/IP54) is designed to meet with critical network environment with IP41/IP54 enclosure and M12 connectors for protection against dust and water. It has passed harsh environmental testing to comply with Industrial EMI and Safety standards as well as stability testing such as Free fall, Shock, and Vibration. For a greater flexibility in application the IPES-0101T (IP41/IP54) supports an extended operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C.

The IPES-0101T (IP41/IP54) is compliant with EN50155/ 50121-3-2/ 50121-4 verification (railway applications), EN45545-2 R13/R22/R23/R24/R25 Fire & Smoke verification for making the switch suitable for various industrial rolling stock applications.