10/100/1000T to 100/1000M SFP 802.3at Industrial PoE Switch Converter; 12V / 48V input

  •  IEEE802.3at PoE/PSE Feature
  •  Support auto-sensing LLF / 10K bytes Jumbo Frames
  •  Dual speed SFP cage (100/1000MFX) set by DIP Switch
  •  Dual DC input power: 12V model(9.5~56VDC) ; 48V model(44~56VDC) , supports dual ±48VDC input
  •  Operating Temperature Range from -40°C to 75°C(-E model)
  •  Remote enable/disable PoE feeding power through fiber
  •  AREMA** part 11.5.1 compliance
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  • With optional mounting kit & bracket

  • With optimal mounting kit & bracket



The Lantech IPGC-0101DSFP is an Industrial Converter converging from 10/100/1000BaseT to 100/1000M-FX dual speed with 802.3at/af PoE support. It supports 10K jumbo frame.

Auto-sensing LLF and Power Fault LED setting by DIP switch
Featured with LLF (Link Loss Forwarding) function, Lantech IPGC-0101DSFP is able to auto cut off connection if one end of connection is down. When copper port disconnects, it will auto turn off fiber port. When fiber port disconnects, it will auto turn off copper port. Smart LLF function alert central side switch immediate remedy action when connection is lost.

Power Fault LED can be off by DIP switch.

Remote enable/disable PoE feeding power through fiber
The PoE power transmission of IPGC-0101DSFP can react to the fiber connection status. The control center can simply cut off and then re-connect the fiber connection to re-boot the PoE device, such as a camera that is connected to IPGC-0101DSFP remotely.

Dual DC input power
IPGC-0101DSFP supports dual input from 9.5V~56VDC (12V model) or 44V~56VDC, dual ±48VDC input (48V model) for various application including vehicle, railway, solar panel etc.

Hardened industrial design with extended temperature range; CE, FCC, LVD, AREMA** part 11.5.1 compliance
It provides ±2000V EFT and ±6000V ESD protection, which can reduce unstable situation caused by power line and Ethernet. It has high reliability and robustness coping with extensive EMI/RFI phenomenon, environmental vibration and shocks usually found in Automation, transportation, surveillance, Wireless backhaul, Semi-conductor factory and assembly lines. With CE, FCC, LVD and AREMA** part 11.5.1 verification, Lantech IGC-0101DSFP is best for outdoor community, vehicle, railway, process control automation etc. For more usage flexibilities, IPGC-0101DSP-E supports wide operating temperature from -40°C to 75°C.